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So what is Engineered wood flooring? You may be familiar with other flooring types such as laminate flooring, vinyl and rugs. But engineered flooring is a fairly recent additional to the flooring types people can have installed in their homes. Essentially it is a composite of both real wood and laminate so you get the benefits of both floors types in one great product. It is often perceived that the best and most desirable type of flooring for the home is real wood but engineered wood flooring easily gives the solid wood a run for its money and here are five reasons why.

1. Price

If you want a cheaper flooring option to solid wood but want the look and feel of the more expensive stuff then engineered flooring may be the choice for you. Those with limitless budgets will tend to opt for real wood but for those working with finite funds engineered is the next best thing. Different brands and ranges may overlap in terms of cost but engineered flooring is an excellent quality flooring option that won't break the bank. Check out some of our popular products in this flooring type:


2. Refinishing

Another great benefit is that this flooring option can be refinished - a feature that vinyl and laminate flooring can't offer. Need to bring some tired flooring back to life? Is your floor marked or damaged? If you have engineered flooring you can sand it down, stained if desired and sealed. Sanding normally takes about 0.5mm-1mm of surface away so be sure to check the wear layer of your engineered floor. For example sanding a floor with a wear layer of 3mm can be sanded 2-4 times. Sanding can be carried out up to 8 times on a 6mm layer. In this respect its as good as solid flooring for the number of sands.

3. Durability

In some aspects this is where engineered flooring has the upper hand on its more desirable solid wood counterpart. Engineered flooring often has greater moisture-resistant properties than real wood which can buckle and swell when too much liquid is absorbed. Another factor that can affect the durability of your flooring is the quality of the finish that is applied. Trendy flooring supply a range of finishes that you can view here.

4. Sustainability

It would be understandable to take the view that full solid wood flooring is a more environmentally sustainable option than engineered - it is 100% wood! However a couple of factors should be considered. Firstly what type of wood is the solid wood flooring? Exotic wood species would almost certainly not be sustainable sourced. Secondly is the amount of wood used. The wood wear layer used for Engineered flooring can range from 6mm down to a paper thin 0.6mm - much less wood than real wood flooring!

5. Appearance

The biggest benefit of choosing engineered flooring is that is visually identical to solid wood flooring to the untrained eye. Unless you are a flooring professional it is almost impossible to make out the difference between the two flooring types. This together with the great cost and higher moisture-resistance makes engineered wood flooring a very strong choice for your new floor.

Have any questions about Engineered flooring? Need some guidance with installation? [Get in touch] with Trendy Flooring today, we'll be happy to help!

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