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It is undeniable that the most desirable flooring product in the home is solid wood flooring. Wood floors bring authenticity, warmth and style to any property - as long as it is taken care of. Marks, spillages and wear and tear inevitably occur over time. Luckily a great feature of real wood flooring is that, unlike vinyl or laminate flooring, it can be sanded, finished and sealed again to make it look as good as new. Here are a few handy tips for professionals and enthusiastic homeowners looking to re-establish their loved wood floor back to its former glory.

Make Some Room

Before you get started working on your solid wood flooring restoration you need to clear the room of any sofas, chairs and tables. Ensure you find someone to help you lift these items. Pulling them across the floor is not a good idea as you may mark or dent the wood even further. There should not be any obstructions on the floor and be sure to inspect the flooring carefully to find any screws or nails embedded within.


It is possible to sand your solid wood floor by hand but it will take time and dedication - and a pair of good quality knee pads! We recommend investing in hiring a floor sander for the job it will save you a lot of time and effort. You will need to start off with a coarse grade which will remove the old finish (36 or 40 grit) moving up to around 120 grit for the last sand. Bear in mind that if the machine isn't 'dust free' you will need to vacuum the dust between changes in sandpaper grade.

Applying a finish

There is a huge range of finishes available for your freshly sanded floor. If you're struggling to decide which is best try looking at our solid flooring designs section for inspiration or a site like Pinterest. Different finishes have different drying times so be sure to check this out before applying. If you want some advice and guidance on hardwood flooring finishes feel free to speak to one of the Trendy Flooring team today and we'll be happy to assist.

Maintenance and cleaning

You'll want to avoid letting your hard work go to waste and your solid wooden floor returning to its previous state. To do this make sure you regularly give your flooring a 'deep clean'. Always use purpose-made wood floor cleaners such as the range from Bona and avoid using other domestic detergents, chemicals or use of a steam cleaner as these can damage the finish. After washing and remaining surface moisture should be absorbed using a hand cloth. Going forward you should also consider applying some form of cushioning to the feet of furniture to help avoid dents and scrapes in your revitalised wood floor.

Contact Trendy Flooring today if you need any advice or help on restoring your solid wood flooring.

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