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LVT or luxury vinyl tile flooring become more and more popular hence most of the floor manufactures adopt new demand and offer plank vinyl floors.

Luxury vinyl floors look exceptionally natural, and they are very easy to fit, too.

Trendy Flooring offers two types of vinyl flooring, and you can choose between Click for floating installation (no glue or other materials required) or more traditional glue down planks.

Luxury Vinyl Click floors got locking mechanism around edges of the planks which designed for the flooring to be ‘clicked’ together similar to laminate floor. It allows planks being laid floating precisely the same way as laminate flooring over existing subfloor with or without underlay. It's straightforward to install and makes Vinyl Click tiles particular great for a DIY installation.

Here we go how to install LVT Click:

  1. Acclimatisation. Please keep LVT floor minimum 48 hours in the room before installation.
  2. The subfloor should be even, stable and firmly fixed.
  3. It is recommended to use appropriate underlay with LVT. However, it's not necessary for underlay and LVT can be laid directly onto even floor surface.
  4. Start putting plank from the left corner, measure room to make sure the last plank is not less than 5cm.
  5. Leave an expansion gap of the minimum of 5mm.
  6. Use the sharp knife to cut on LVT and break using two hands.
  7. Insert next plank angled to previous one and use a rubber mallet to tap.
  8. Carry on installation row by row until end of the room. Check each joint before fit next row.
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