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Click System

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Click System

Whether you're deciding between a new solid wood, engineered or laminate floor for your home, why not consider the click system joining method? Click system flooring is becoming increasingly popular, for a number of reasons. Constructed with sides that simply click together, they eliminate the need for either glue or nails, which bring a huge number of advantages. As well as saving on extra costs for adhesives or nails, they make installation of your new floor a much simpler process. Floors featuring a click system are also much easier to install yourself, or, if you hire our professional Trendy Flooring team, they'll be able to lay it in a far quicker time.

Yet the click system has other advantages besides ease of installation. The tight connection means that the floor will also be far more resistant to moisture while also allowing for the installation of different underlays, whether to deal with damp or for sound proofing.

Overall, click system flooring is becoming increasingly popular for a reason - it makes the whole process a lot simpler and brings its own benefits with very few drawbacks. Click system flooring is also available in a wide range of designs and for all types of wood and construction, so be sure to see what we have available at Trendy Flooring or contact us today to discuss your options.

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