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Choosing a smoked wood floor will bring character and light to your space. We have smoked wood flooring available in a range of bright and rich mid-browns. 

The production of this type of flooring takes place with an agent that reacts with the tannic acid naturally occurring in the wood. The chemical reaction in this treatment results in a colour change of the treated wood surface. Depending on the intensity of the treatment, the colour of the flooring can be changed from light to dark brown. Smoking gives oak and bamboo wood a natural looking tone change to a darker shade. 

Smoking your wooden floor adds a subtle ageing process, so it's perfect in areas where you want to aim for a more 'lived-in', timeless look and give the feeling that your floors have aged beautifully in your home in a natural way.

Smoked wood floors are therefore perfect for more traditional, classic-style homes, paired with perhaps antique furniture in less contemporary spaces.

If you have any questions while making your choice, please don't hesitate to call one of our experienced team on 01689 834847 or contact us.

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