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Light Oak

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Light Oak

The most popular species of hardwood, oak is easily identified by its distinctive grain and fabulous honeyed tones.

Light oak flooring has many qualities to recommend it, the most prominent of which is the way in which it can help to brighten a room and make it appear extra spacious. This is particularly useful for rooms in which you expect to spend much of your time, such as the living room or kitchen.

Added to this, our natural light oak flooring is extremely long lasting and hard wearing, making it ideal for high traffic areas, including hallways. Overall, light oak flooring has a wonderfully clean and modern effect, meaning it can complement almost any area of your home.

Here at Trendy Flooring, our team endeavour to do our best to meet your needs, and every product we offer has been carefully selected according to a rigorous process. We want only high quality, premier pieces for our customers to choose from and our light oak flooring is no exception. 

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