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HDF Engineered Flooring

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HDF Engineered Flooring

HDF engineered flooring is a new solution for flooring which is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Using HDF (High-Density Fibreboard) rather than plywood is a more cost-effective way of constructing the base layers of the floor, with a beautiful wood lamella finish on top to give your flooring the look and feel of solid wood.

Another advantage to HDF engineered flooring is that the HDF is often constructed from recycled materials, not only reducing costs but also making it a greener option than plywood and the ideal choice for the eco-friendly home.

Made from dense base layers, HDF engineered flooring is the less sturdy choice than plywood but still able to cope with many aspects of everyday life, making it a hard-wearing and attractive choice for hallways, studies and bedrooms. While absorbent, it is not generally used in areas of high moisture such as kitchens or bathrooms as repeated exposure to water can distort the shape of the wood over time.

At Trendy Flooring, we offer a wide range of HDF options with a variety of wooden lamella finishes to suit almost any kind of decor. To find out whether it will be suitable for your home, and to discuss the different options we have available, feel free to give our friendly and experienced team a call on 01689 834847 or contact us online.

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